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Managed Print Services

Do you know how much your organization is spending on printing?


Organizations in all industries are working to identify strategies to reduce or effectively control overhead expenses. There is a need to boost productivity and return on investment (ROI). Given these objectives, CFOs and CIOs are turning their attention to the underlying costs associated with the printing, distribution, and archiving of documents.

Paper and digital documents drive business processes. From marketing materials and sales orders to shipping documents and invoices, the smooth flow of information in your processes depends on documents.

Some documents are in paper format. Others are in digital format. Still others are produced by your back office software. Regardless of the format, the ability to produce documents quickly and convert them between digital and paper formats is critical to the success of any business.

The cost of documents

When it comes to the costs associated with document production, most organizations only see hard costs like hardware acquisition, maintenance and consumables. However, most costs associated with document output lie beneath the surface. Costs like network management, workflow inefficiencies, diminished employee productivity, IT support and energy usage all affect the bottom line. These too are hard costs, but are oftentimes overlooked.

A cost-effective managed print services program will help you consolidate, integrate and manage your resources to help improve business processes, manage operating costs and increase your ROI. Cannon IV’s Managed Print Services (MPS) program will provide complete, professional management of your entire printing and imaging environment.

What do you spend on documents?

We know documents are important because of the amount of money companies spend every year producing documents. A recent All Associates study revealed that office printing consumes an average of 6% of annual revenues, depending on the type of organization.

A growing expense

Demand grows for office printing as e-mail and the internet push document production from centralized print shops to the workgroup. Increased use of color printing and copying also drives higher costs.

The importance of managing costs

If you have an expense in your organization that is growing faster than your profits, it needs to be addressed. Identifying and managing printing expenses are critical for organizations looking to control costs in a challenging economic environment.

Cannon IV has a solution

Cannon IV will evaluate your current printing and imaging environment and will work with you to design an approach that is tailored to fit your needs. Our MPS program encompasses people, processes and technology to help you assess, design, implement, and manage your printing and imaging environment.

Manage your fleet

Printers and multifunction systems can be a big distraction. We simplify the management of your fleet of printers and multifunction systems by providing supplies, preventative maintenance, onsite service and help desk support for one low cost per page. All of this is accomplished with secure remote-monitoring technologies that allow us to proactively manage your fleet. In this sensible usage-based model, you only pay for the prints you use.

Optimize Your Infrastructure

Many organizations’ document production infrastructure has evolved over the years. With different departments responsible for copiers, printers and fax machines, the result is often a redundant fleet of devices leading to duplicated costs.

We help our clients understand what devices they have deployed. Then, we roll out a balanced deployment of printers and multifunction systems to optimize productivity and minimize costs. This typically includes repositioning your existing fleet to high-demand locations and supplementing with newer printers or multifunction systems where appropriate.

Secure your network

Many companies have not considered the risks of an unsecured printing network. Studies show that 70% of information theft occurs from internal employees. An unsecured MFP may enable employees to print confidential information, scan documents to email without authentication or even intercept and modify a print stream on the way to a check printer. We help you secure your print infrastructure with the latest encryption technologies.

Our Process


We begin by helping you thoroughly evaluate your printing and imaging environment to determine the total cost of operation on an annual basis. There are four major components to the assessment:

  • Identification of the printing and imaging needs, challenges and strategy of your organization, departments and users
  • Inventory of all of your output devices, print volumes, software applications, and workflows
  • Documentation of security and compliance vulnerabilities
  • Determination of environmental impact based on energy consumption, paper usage and carbon footprint


The design phase is a collaborative process. Based on the information collected during the assessment, we will sit down with you to review our findings. We will then provide recommendations and work with you to design the optimal printing and imaging strategy.

For example, we may determine that you do not need to purchase any new devices but need a more efficient way of managing your current fleet. In other cases, we may find that new equipment will provide greater savings by reducing downtime, energy usage, and toner consumption.


After a design has been finalized, Cannon IV will implement the solution. The MPS program will be implemented based on the needs of your organization. Cannon IV will assign a project manager to your account to coordinate the implementation based upon mutually agreed timelines and milestones.

Our approach includes a prioritized implementation schedule featuring both short and long term elements of the solution. Components of the implementation may include (but are not limited to) the replacement of high-cost-of-ownership equipment, reallocation of existing devices, installation of software solutions, and end-user training.

Measure and manage

Cannon IV is committed to ensuring the ongoing success of your MPS program. As you know, if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

Once the solution is in place, we offer quarterly, semi-annual or annual MPS reviews to measure program performance. These MPS reviews act much like the initial assessment. We will work with you to measure costs, evaluate technology effectiveness, assess user-training requirements and identify areas for improvement.

Managed Print Services benefits

Organizations that actively manage their environment with MPS can achieve savings of up to 30 percent on costs associated with printing and imaging. The savings may be derived from the following areas:

  • Increased return on assets by extending the useful life of printers with a proactive preventive maintenance program
  • Reduced expenditures on printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners or unnecessary devices through better utilization of your current fleet of devices
  • Improved management of costs through ongoing measurement
  • Improved employee productivity through the optimal placement of network printers
  • Reduced administrative costs with consolidated billing of hardware services and supplies from a single vendor


Personal privacy and protection of financial and medical records is testing the limits of legal and technology constraints. Legislation to protect personal financial information – Gramm-Leach Bliley Act – and personal medical information – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – has been put in place with companies struggling to keep up with their requirements.

To meet these privacy and security requirements, there are two parts to addressing the issue. The first is securing the storage of the digital data and paper documents. The second is securing the distribution and communication of data and confidential information.

During the assessment process, a Cannon IV Solutions Architect will identify your document security concerns and requirements. Based upon this security assessment, the Cannon IV Solutions Architect will sit down with you to develop a detailed security plan for implementation.

To learn more about Cannon IV Managed Print Services or to schedule an assessment of your current environment, please call (800) 825-7779 and ask to speak with a Cannon IV Document Management Specialist.