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HIMSS Indiana Chapter

The healthcare industry is under enormous pressure to cut costs, deliver better outcomes, and protect patient privacy. All of this while transitioning to Electronic Medical Records in response to government incentives and mandates. But the cost of generating, sharing, and managing documents goes far beyond the price of hardware, maintenance and consumables.

Equally critical in the high-stakes business of healthcare are costs associated with:

  • Workflow inefficiencies
  • Administration
  • Network management
  • IT support
  • Invoicing
  • Multiple vendor relationships
  • Recycling
  • Poor utilization of print resources
  • Energy usage

On average, each and every user generates almost 1300 printed pages per month with an average of two users per device.


  • The percentage of healthcare revenue spent on printing and imaging is almost 9%.
  • In a patient care setting the “cost” of inefficient workflow or mismanaged documentation can't be measured in dollars and cents alone.
  • In addition to sheer volume, many hospitals have accumulated over time a hodgepodge of imaging devices from multiple vendors – with predictable impact on cost and efficiency. Equally alarming, many problems go unnoticed, unmeasured, uncorrected and uncontrolled.

Gaining control of the many aspects within a printing and imaging infrastructure can be a daunting task. Start by contacting Cannon IV. Our company will begin the process of helping you to understand and control the costs associated of printing and imaging securely and in a cost-effective manner within a healthcare environment.