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On average, each and every financial sector knowledge worker generates approximately 1000 printed pages per month, of which 150 are never viewed or used, and 100 are lost or misfiled. The result: Knowledge workers spend 30-40% of their time searching for information, sometimes with disappointing results.

But the “cost” of inefficient workflow or mismanaged documentation goes far beyond wasted time and money. Investors and clients are relying on your industry to keep their money and retirement secure. Whether or not it’s said verbally, your clients expect you to properly and securely archive information that lists their personal details. In an increasingly tough regulatory environment, the consequences of losing or misplacing key documents can be severe.

Cannon IV can answer the questions about document archival and security, along with the many other aspects of a printing and imaging environment. Our solutions can help your office, branch or even your entire enterprise better manage documents so that they can be recalled quickly and in a secure manner.