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Helping Schools Understand and Control the Costs of Printing & Imaging

How much do you spend on printing?

You need to know.

As an HP Elite Partner with 35 years of experience providing custom managed print services and solutions to private and public schools, Cannon IV can help to dramatically reduce printing and imaging costs—while providing higher quality services to students, faculty, and administrators.

Cannon IV has the expertise and experience to:

  • Devise a customized, managed solution that makes the most of people, processes, and technology
  • Quantify current expenditures, streamline processes, and save money

Today’s schools are under unprecedented pressures to improve performance and cut costs to find ways to free up funds to pay for teacher salaries. An often over-looked way to save money and improve outcomes is by replacing aging printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and classroom presentation devices from multiple vendors with a managed printing and imaging solution.

A managed solution cuts costs and frees staff by reducing the number of devices and maintenance contracts. It improves the utilization of existing assets and cuts the consumption of energy, paper, and toner. Equally important, it makes printing and other types of document production and information sharing easier and more reliable—so students, teachers, and administrators can all spend more time improving the quality of their work and less time wrestling with equipment.

Cannon IV has worked with many schools and districts to assess existing environments and design, implement, and manage printing and imaging services. We can help you to:

  • Streamline workflow to increase individual and workgroup productivity
  • Increase utilization of existing assets
  • Take advantage of new multifunction printers that scan and fax
  • Include the latest interactive whiteboard technology, laminating machines and other classroom learning aids and tools along with printers as part of a managed solution
  • Determine the right balance and placement of devices
  • Protect against unauthorized use through PIN
  • Track who prints what
  • Consolidate vendor management
  • Dramatically cut printer maintenance, help desk, network management and IT support
  • Increase recycling and reduce energy use

The average school district spends 6.2% of its annual budget on document production.

Cannon IV’s managed print services (MPS) can help uncover and take advantage of opportunities that will save time and money, while improving student, teacher, and administrator productivity.

Cannon IV uses a proven end-to-end methodology to help:

  • Assess your current document production environment.
  • Design an integrated document strategy that fits your needs.
  • Implement the solution.
  • Measure results and manage the ongoing project.

Managed Print Services for K-12

Let the experts at Cannon IV help you take control of printing and imaging in your school or district. Our flexible, phased approach ensures that solutions and services fit your needs, are implemented at your pace, and deliver measurable gains as you move forward.

Phase 1: Manage your fleet

Lack of printer supplies can throw even the most carefully planned curriculum off track. Irregular maintenance can cause equipment breakdowns and shorten life spans. Managing and supplying devices distracts staff and consumes hours. Cannon IV managed print services handle every aspect of preventive care, supplies, onsite repair, and help desk support—all for one low, cost per page. Secure technologies track all printing, with details by location, machine and even by student/user. Remote monitoring enables us to proactively maintain and supply all owned and leased devices. One call to Cannon IV dispatches a technician. Our Cannon IV Marketplace™ e-commerce site makes it easy to report a problem and review status.

Phase 2: Optimize your infrastructure

Schools with a mix of aging printers, copiers, scanners, large-format units (plotters) and fax machines often have redundant devices and duplicate costs. Cannon IV will assess all existing devices and usage patterns to develop and roll out a balanced and optimized deployment. We help you make the most of what you already have, re-positioning existing equipment to high-demand locations and adding newer printers or multifunction systems where appropriate.

Phase 3: Improve your workflow

Teaching, learning, and administering generate enormous quantities of information. Cannon IV integrates the latest technologies with powerful software to move digital and paper information on and off your network and help manage, route, store and control documents. Workflow solutions include:

  • Pull-printing to reduce cost of lost printed documents
  • Software providing instant, detailed and measurable feedback for quizzes and tests and reduce the cost of testing
  • Capture solutions that convert paper documents to an intelligent digital format
  • Electronic content management systems that create a searchable repository of scanned documents

“The amazing thing about Cannon IV is that before we even paid them, they did an inventory of everything we had. They gave us a great comparison of what we were spending and what we would save.”
- Jeff Hubble, Principal, Chapel Hill 7th and 8th Grade Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

“We were actually on a cost-per-page print contract with our previous vendor, but Cannon IV was able to put us on the same kind of program at a lower cost.”
Chad Fires, Business Manager, Imagine Schools Groveport. Ohio

Change without chaos

Cannon IV knows that your first priority is to maintain an environment that promotes and supports learning. We work with you to improve efficiency and productivity, without disrupting facilities or normal operations. We can devise managed print services for individual schools or entire districts, as time and budgets allow.

After all, our mission is to give our clients control of their printing and imaging infrastructure. An HP Business Partner with more than 35 years of experience, Cannon IV will deploy a dedicated team of Document Solution Architects to do a thorough inventory of all devices, audit how they are used, and present you with a detailed assessment and recommendations for moving forward.

Contact Cannon IV today. Take the first step to improved performance and lower costs.