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Toshiba Software

Document creation today is faster and easier than it was even a decade ago. Scanned documents through multifunction printing equipment, E-mails, original electronic files – we can all create and distribute them effortlessly with today’s modern office technology. The downside to easy creation and distribution is the volume of documents and how to manage them. Enter Toshiba document solutions. Toshiba’s portfolio of personal, SMB and Enterprise Document Management & Capture software products provide the capability to manage, share and secure paper, electronic and digital documents. 

Toshiba Capture Products

  • Re-Rite – Capture Documents into 11 Native file formats including PDF, Word and Excel right from the MFP and delivered to your desktop or email recipient
  • e-BRIDGE Open Platform Exchange Connector – Capture documents as part of a Microsoft Exchange email infrastructure
  • e-BRIDGE Open Platform Sharepoint Connector – Capture documents into Microsoft SharePoint Repositories

Toshiba Management Products

  • eBridge Document Library – Extend document archival from your MFP to the Desktop.
  • DocRecord – A Powerful, low-cost and easy-to-use software application for electronic document management. Designed to be intuitive, DocRecord is an elegant tool to reduce complexity and costs for businesses across all major industries.