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Cannon IV uses FM Audit's industry-leading software solutions to capture and collect meter readings for clients participating in a cost-per-page or managed print services contract. FM Audit makes reporting page counts to Cannon IV simple and, in most cases, entirely automated for your networked printers and multi-function devices.

Clients who enter a Managed Print Services contract with Cannon IV will receive a free copy of the FM Audit software.


Why does Cannon IV use FM Audit to collect page counts?

In the past, Cannon IV has utilized HP Web Jetadmin to collect page counts from Managed Print Services clients. To increase efficiency, we are implementing FMAudit, a tool that will enable us to collect page counts on-demand. This will ease the burden of the page count collection process on our clients.

Why did Cannon IV choose FMAudit?

As a result of extensive research and testing, Cannon IV selected FMAudit’s best-in-class technology to enhance our page count collection process. FMAudit is an industry leader with a proven track record of innovation. FMAudit will help Cannon IV provide improved service to our managed print clients.

Who else is using FMAudit?

Through innovation and leadership, FMAudit has become an industry standard in the managed print services industry. FMAudit has developed strategic partnerships with Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Konica-Minolta, Canon, Sharp, Lexmark, Ricoh and Xerox.

How will FMAudit benefit me as a Cannon IV client?

FMAudit will benefit you as a Cannon IV cost-per-page client in a number of ways.

  • Save time – minimize your involvement with the page collection process thanks to our new automated solution.
  • Own your information – view live page count information and get device information with ease.
  • Analyze your data – take advantage of the new dashboard functionality and export device data.

Will FMAudit be offered to all Cannon IV cost-per-page clients?

No, FMAudit will only be offered to accounts with 6 or more devices under their cost-per-page contract.

How much will this upgrade cost?

The upgrade to FMAudit will be provided to you at no charge. Even your cost-per-page will stay the same – in other words it’s FREE!

When will this take effect?

The rollout of FMAudit to our Managed Print Services clients began in Fall 2009.

Will Cannon IV offer training on FMAudit?

Training will be available at the request of the client.

Will I have access to the information generated by FMAudit?

Yes, you will receive a username and password to log in to FMAudit Central. This will give you access to your device information and dashboard reports.

What if I use Web Jetadmin today, do I still need to install FMAudit?

Yes, you will still need to have FMAudit installed at your site. We recommend installing FMAudit on a different Windows PC server or PC workstation than Web Jetadmin.

I use Web Jetadmin for more than just page counts. Can I continue to use it?


What if I already have FMAudit installed for another vendor?

If you already have FMAudit installed for another vendor or for other reasons, you will still need to install FMAudit for Cannon IV. It should be installed in a separate location than the current version you are running.

How much of my time is this change going to involve?

The amount of time you’ll have to commit to the new installation is minimal, but depends on your printing environment. The more networked devices in your environment the better. You will be contacted by a Solutions Architect from Cannon IV who will either come on site to perform the installation or conduct a remote installation using an emailed installation template.

Who will be installing FMAudit, and where will it need to be installed?

A Cannon IV Solutions Architect will be assisting you with the installation of FMAudit. It will either be installed by the Solutions Architect on site or installed remotely using an email installation template. FMAudit should be installed on a dedicated Windows server if one is available. If a dedicated server is not available, FMAudit can be installed on a Windows PC workstation or PC server that is always powered on.

What are the system requirements?

FMAudit requires the following minimum configuration:

  • MDAC 2.6 or higher
  • Jet 4.0
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher (provided in Windows Update)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 (64-bit and server versions are compatible)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (or compatible)
  • 23 MB Hard Disk Space

What if I don’t have a Windows PC or server available?

If you do not have a Windows PC or server available please contact Cannon IV.

Will FMAudit capture page counts from my locally connected devices? Do I need to install anything on my PC?

FMAudit Agent discovers all locally attached printers. The amount of information returned depends on the device model and supported printer language.

The FMAudit agent will need to be installed on every PC will a locally connected device. The Agent can be installed manually on each machine (if you have a small number of locally connected devices) or the Agent can be installed by deployment via Active Directory.

What if FMAudit doesn’t discover all of my devices?

In the event that FMAudit is unable to discover a locally connected or networked device, the following will occur:

  • A Solutions Architect will be in contact with you to help determine the problem
  • If the problem cannot be resolved:
  • For a larger number of devices: Cannon IV will send a technician to get the usage pages
  • For a small number of devices: We will ask that you fax/email the usage/configuration page from the device to Cannon IV once per billing period

Some legacy devices may not be supported. The information the manufacturer has made available and the particular device model will determine if a device is discovered with FMAudit.

If there are problems with FMAudit, am I responsible for troubleshooting?

If Cannon IV is notified that FMAudit has stopped working at your site, a Solutions Architect will contact with you to help determine the problem. If the problem is not easily resolved, the Solutions Architect will come on site to work through the issue.

I have security concerns. Should I be worried about this with FMAudit?

We understand that some clients may be concerned with the security of their environment. Here are some facts about FMAudit that should help put your mind at ease.

  • Although SNMP commands support both read and write operations, FMAudit applications only read networked devices and do not modify any default or custom device settings.
  • FMAudit Onsite allows audit information to be sent from the target network to a remote destination as an attachment to an email (default port 25) or an XML stream (default port 80). This information is encrypted, and requires authentication.
  • Only the information which is extracted during an audit may be saved or transferred to the FMAudit applications. The end-users’ confidential data files are not viewed or saved by any FMAudit applications.
  • FMAudit is HIPPA compliant.

Will FMAudit bog down my network when gathering data from my print devices?

No, FMAudit applications use default timeout settings of once per second. Using unicast settings, each IP within the configured ranges will be queried and if no response is received within 1 second, a timeout will occur. Depending on the amount of network traffic and the general network latency, the default timeout may need to be adjusted.

Differences in the total number of devices from one audit to another within the same relative timeframe, is a good indicator the timeout setting needs to be increased. To further reduce the amount of network bandwidth used during a discovery, the FMAudit core engine communicates with no more than 20 devices at a single time, with the capability to extract information from up to 5 devices per second in an optimized environment. The amount of network traffic at any given time is minimal as a result.

How often will FMAudit poll my devices?

FMAudit will gather data from your devices 1 or 2 times per day to keep information current.

How does the technology behind FMAudit work?

The core engine, which is the heart of every FMAudit product, identifies networked printers, copiers and MFP's using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is an application layer protocol that facilitates the exchange of Management Information Base (MIB) between network devices. A Management Information Base (MIB) is a collection of hierarchically organized characteristics of a managed device, comprised of one or more object instances, which are essentially values. An object identifier (or object ID) uniquely identifies a managed object in the MIB hierarchy.

Using patent pending Identity Mapping Technology (IMT), FMAudit correctly identifies re-branded models. Once identified, information is extracted using a combination of SNMP and FMAudit’s patent pending Hyper-Meter Technology (HMT) that combines a mixture of multiple protocols, communicating and extracting information from a multitude of different areas within a device depending on its architectural design.

Will I be responsible for FMAudit software upgrades?

No, Cannon IV will take care of all FMAudit software upgrades.

If I have questions, whom should I contact?

If you have questions please Contact Us.