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Zebra Technologies

The global business environment is more complex and competitive than ever before. Organizational leaders are struggling to do more with less and to be more productive. They crave not only smarter ways to track and manage assets, but also insights that can drive new, breakthrough ideas.

Zebra offers an extensive portfolio of visibility solutions incorporating barcode, RFID and location systems that transforms the physical elements of a business into the digital. This transformation creates a transparent picture of an organization’s value chain by helping you know—in real time—the location, motion and state of assets, people and transactions throughout your operation. We call this Zebra’s Visible Value Chain™.

What does this mean for you?
With this level of visibility, you can see the events happening in your value chain in real time. You can act upon them, creating new value from what is already there. You can use this business intelligence to inspire innovation throughout your organization; find new ways to operate more efficiently build stronger customer loyalty or improve patient safety. We’re helping businesses like yours gain visibility into operations, inventories and the supply chain to make smarter, faster business decisions:
  • Manufacturers can contain costs and streamline processes.
  • Retailers can build shopper loyalty by serving multiple channels and optimizing the customer experience, as well as enhance employee efficiency and sales strategies.
  • Healthcare providers can improve patient safety and maximize enterprise efficiency.

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